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Genius Renovate Property Surveys. Knowledge before you buy.


Genius Renovate do a full pre-purchase survey with costings for the intended use for the property. When we survey your property we can check the homebuyers report is accurate.

The pre purchase survey is designed to give you a projected cost for the property including all renovations. It is not intended to give the total budget, but inform you of likely expenses before you can let the property. It is not a structural survey.

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We have experience in all types of structural repairs from foundations, reinforcement of floors to structural repairs to roofs. Genius Renovate are on tap for all your renovation needs, we arrange all planning, structural engineer’s certificates and local authority communication, grants and all trades.

If your property is within a flatted development we will contact all adjacent property owners so communal repairs can be carried out, but with cost proportioned by percentage of property owned.

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Once all renovations are completed we will release documentation, final survey report, guarantees and certificates.

When taking on a property as a buy to let business you can be assured we will keep you up to date with insurance, various inspections and documentations. With flatted property we keep an eye on properties being bought and sold so that we can update our records for proportional payments on communal repairs.

Our property maintenance and management services cover from repairs to tenant based job booking. We add 5-10% onto repairs on top of sub contractor invoices to cover our supervision fee. Our emphasis is on preventative rather than reactive maintenance for everything from replacing a leaking tap to storm and flood damage. You only pay for services as you need them.

We provide emergency and regular planned maintenance.

All our contractor, tenant and client information can be found in the Control Room, including terms, registration and our Business Plan (updated 2022):

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Client Onboarding


Survey Department – Handles all project management. Conducts all surveys, orders materials and liaises with contractors. Creates online accounts and training in cloud architecture. Interviews new clients, contractors and tenants.

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Planned and reactive maintenance – Is managed through our App.Service. We provide a comprehensive calendar that reminds you when reports are due, a property document register so you can keep your property compliant with government regulations and receive notifications when updates are due by SMS and email. Management and scheduling of on demand and planned maintenance tasks are notified in real time to clients, tenants and contractors.

All on demand repairs and maintenance can be booked using our website form on our Repairs Booking page or by phone, text and WhatsAapp to: 07436 936600.

Terms and Conditions:

What is our App.Service?


Our App.Service – is provided by ZOHO Projects. Cloud based web and mobile app repair, renovation and maintenance solutions that give clients, tenants, property managers and contractors instant access to their projects.

Our App.Service can expand and contract to meet demands and is continually improving. It helps you stay compliant with legal requirements. Tenants and clients can book repairs using our website and mobile interface. When using the App.Service all clients and their tenants have 100% control of their property maintenance.

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Explore Our App.Service:
We use a combination of app providers to augment our service. Contact us for services specific to your project. We charge a simple yearly fee for access to our App.Service, which will cover any platform we use for your project. Please refer to our Subscriptions Page for payment options. We send an online invoice when your subscription is due. We also charge a separate supervision fee of 5-10% added to the repair costs for any maintenance.

Genius Renovate Surveys

We provide pre purchase surveys so you know what you are buying before you buy.

App.Service Repairs Booking

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Genius Renovate automate all your repairs using our online and mobile app. This keeps your costs down and allows us to manage your projects with you in the driving seat.

Once repairs are complete our contractors can update our cloud-based job software with time and parts used.

An example: The tenant can take photos of the error code and make of the boiler. The engineers receive all this direct to their mobile phone. Once the repair is complete they can photo the repair and the invoice and photos are sent in real time to the client.

We also store details of the property in our system so we can arrange servicing and documents when they are due.

Is our App.Service repairs and project management for you?

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renorot timber treatments

renoROT(tm) our new timber treatment and damp-proofing division is designed around low contamination and bio friendly treatments. Knowing the factors that create the perfect conditions for damp and rot to establish in your home allows us to use the least toxic and environmentally friendly treatments available to us.

Factors that help rot and damp thrive are higher than 20 percent moisture, little or no ventilation and higher than 20 degrees temperature.

Tools, procedures and products we use:

  • Minimum obtrusion surveying tools
  • Low odour chemicals and the least toxic for the job
  • Epoxy resin beam repairs
  • Concrete and PVC oversite concrete
  • Damp-proof renovation reconstruction
  • Roof void ventilation

The renoROT and renoDAMP products will be used exclusively by our franchises:

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Louis Glickman

“The best investment on Earth is earth.” (American Business Executive)

Our Charter

  • All problems can be dealt with same day
  • Guaranteed property access through tenant bookings
  • All properties 100% maintained to high standard
  • We deal direct with suppliers, trades and local authority
  • All surveys carried out using non destructive equipment

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